February 27, 2007

Recommendation: Copilot

Filed under: recommendation, software — Brian @ 7:01 am

Through Joel Spolsky’s “Joel on Software” column, I learned a while back of Copilot – a service that allows you to control another person’s computer remotely across the internet, even through firewalls and NATted IP addresses (e.g. behind a home router). I was curious, and have been looking for the chance to try it.

Last night, I got my chance, and it was everything it promised to be. It was simple to set up, the free two-minute trial was fully functional and easy from both sides. The 24-hour pass worked like it said, and the $5 fee wasn’t charged to my card until I and my “helpee” made a successful connection.

The product is just about perfect, and the company behind it is exemplary, if you believe anything Joel writes.

If you have a need to control someone else’s computer across the Internet, give it a try. At least go watch the demo & see what it’ll do for you. Beats the pants off of “OK, now tell me what you see. OK, click on “Start, Search, and then click on the third green button from the top in the window that pops up…”

I think I’m supposed to say here that I have no financial interest in the company that makes Copilot. I don’t. I just found it to be very simple to use, and it a huge time saver.


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