April 7, 2008

They Fry Chips in Oil, Right?

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Health food idea: potato chips.

They fry ’em in oil, right? So, why not fry ’em in (omega-3 rich) fish oil instead and call ’em health food?

I’d try it myself, but I don’t have the patience to cut open that many fish oil pills myself.

Someone please try this out and let me know how it goes.


May 2, 2007

Them takers is quick

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That last post about the photography class was taken and appeared on Technorati – linked to the site that took it – almost immediately. What a buncha maroons.

I’m using the same tags on this post to see if they do it again. It could be fun to remotely control their site…

If you’re reading this somewhere other than, please understand I didn’t put it there.

Photography Class

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I found a blog called Strobist a while back. It’s done by a guy called David, who’s a photographer for the Baltimore Sun. It’s called “Strobist” after “strobes” (which I, in my childlike innocence, once called “flashes”), and he gives great information on how to use off-camera lighting to help you create better pictures.

Now, I don’t know if you know this, but my undergrad degree is in lighting design for the stage, so there’s some crossover. But, it turns out, the crossover is limited to theory, and not practice. Because for stage lighting, you light the entire area with huge lights, throwing continuous, colored beams from a long way off. For photography lighting, you light just the subject, and from very close, and for tiny fractions of a second. And most often with “white” light.

So, his practical advice has been wonderful and very .. uh .. practical. I’m getting pictures of my family that I’d call “portraits” now, and not “snapshots.”

Anyhow – I mention this here because he’s starting up a lighting class next month. It’s free and online, with assignments posted to his blog, and participants’ photographs posted to Flickr for evaluation and comparison.

If you’d like to play along, just go ahead. There’s no signup form and no fee, and both David and his commenters have proven to be awfully friendly and helpful in the time I’ve been reading them.

I plan to follow it, and do as much as I can fit in.

February 27, 2007

Recommendation: Copilot

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Through Joel Spolsky’s “Joel on Software” column, I learned a while back of Copilot – a service that allows you to control another person’s computer remotely across the internet, even through firewalls and NATted IP addresses (e.g. behind a home router). I was curious, and have been looking for the chance to try it.

Last night, I got my chance, and it was everything it promised to be. It was simple to set up, the free two-minute trial was fully functional and easy from both sides. The 24-hour pass worked like it said, and the $5 fee wasn’t charged to my card until I and my “helpee” made a successful connection.

The product is just about perfect, and the company behind it is exemplary, if you believe anything Joel writes.

If you have a need to control someone else’s computer across the Internet, give it a try. At least go watch the demo & see what it’ll do for you. Beats the pants off of “OK, now tell me what you see. OK, click on “Start, Search, and then click on the third green button from the top in the window that pops up…”

I think I’m supposed to say here that I have no financial interest in the company that makes Copilot. I don’t. I just found it to be very simple to use, and it a huge time saver.

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