November 10, 2007

I give myself a B

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The new hard drive’s in and working, and the OS is reinstalled & updated, but I broke the trackpad. Or didn’t reconnect it correctly. Or something. I’ll have to take it all apart again to see.

Still – that’s a B. I usually use a mouse anyhow.

Update: Grade revised to an A. The trackpad is fixed – I just didn’t line the plug up quite right. All’s well. 108.9Gig free. Very nice.


November 9, 2007

Wish me Luck

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Saturday, I’m going to replace the hard drive in my iBook. Going from 30Gig (with 200Meg free) to 120Gig. (Here’s where I resist talking about how my first Mac had *no* hard drive, and 0.0004Gig floppies were fine for everything).

I understand it’s an involved process.

Wish me luck.

September 14, 2007

iPod Touch’s iCal is read-only

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Edit :This is fixed. You can now add events to iCal on the Touch! There goes my excuse not to buy … Steve’s calling my bluff… Original post follows:

That sucks. That’s what my current iPod does. The one with the black & white screen & no video. The really old one.

Everything else about the Touch (except its name, come to think of it) sounds great, but if I can’t add events, then it can’t take the place of my aging Palm. And I’m not going to carry *another* gadget around with me. Even if it’s pretty and skinny and has built-in WiFi.

I had myself all convinced it was worth the price until this.

Oh, well. I think I’ll survive.

June 28, 2007

iPhone Videoconferencing

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Wouldn’t this be cool?
I mean, in a wierd sort of way…


…inspired by…

August 26, 2006

I feel dirty…

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My old laptop at work finally expired, and I got a new one, fresh from the IS folks.

It’s a Dell Latitude D620, with a 2GHz core Duo and 2Gig of RAM, running Windows XP.

And I really like it.

I feel awful.

I’ve been a Mac user since 1985 – I still have my original Mac (the 128K) in the basement. I have poked my share of fun at Windows and Windows users for the better part of 20 years, now. I use an iBook at home, and I easily converted my wife away from the dark side soon after I met her. I use Windows only when forced to. And, actually, this isn’t so much about Windows as about the hardware it’s running on.

This new Dell feels so nice. With Firefox and Vim and Cygwin and a bit more self-installed geekery, it’s *very* comfortable. I’ve never had a Windows machine before that felt good to use, but this one does.

I must be clear; it’s not Windows that’s surprising me – Windows XP is as blandly usable as it’s always been. What I’m surprised by is the hardware. The built-in keyboard feels amazingly sturdy. Every keypress gives a nice firm-but-silent clicky feedback. The iBook (12″ G4, 800MHz, 3 years old) keyboard feels cheesy and plastic next to it. The display is wide and clear – showing almost twice the real-estate width-wise as I can get on the iBook. The power adapter is about half the weight of the one it replaces.

It would be cool to see how Linux handles something like this.

Now it’s certainly an unfair comparison. A 3-year-old, well-used, cheapest-they-made-at-the-time laptop to a brand new, mid-range one. But I’m used to it being unfair in the other direction; the new Windows machine wouldn’t be as nice as the old Mac.

Have they really caught up to being less than three years behind Apple now?

I must go to the Apple store and try out the keyboards on the new MacBooks.

(Oh – and I checked: the Dell battery isn’t on the recall list. But the iBook one is! Yay, free battery!)

April 7, 2006

Apple & Boot Camp

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I do have a few things to say about Apple and Boot Camp. I’m just too short on available time to write much about them. That “don’t blog from work” rule really puts a damper on things when work gets crazy and normal life intrudes…

So, quickly, then.

Boot Camp reminds me of those dual-platform Macs Apple had a long time ago. They were two computers in one box: a PowerPC Mac and an Intel, uh, computer. They ran on separate hardware (mostly – I think they shared RAM, and I know they shared the hard drive and I/O devices) but you could copy and paste from one OS to the other and back again.

Eric points to Jon Gruber’s post on the subject, and suggests that we may go from “dual boot” (choose your OS at startup) to “concurrent operation” — which is what Apple used to offer 6 or 7-ish years ago in those dual-platform Macs I mentioned.

Of course they will. And that will rock like little else. I have a Windows box at home for two reasons – to see how websites look through the Windows browsers, and so my dear, sweet wife can play the vast array of solitaire games that Windows spontaneously generates every couple of months. (It was bought years ago for other, more compelling reasons that no longer hold.)

So, I can ditch that whole computer for an Option-Tab to see the site I’m currently working on in Windows, immediately? Sign me up!

Who says “Macs are Expensive”? One computer is cheaper than two.

I haven’t read Jon’s article yet, but I’m with him on the “now that they’ve announced this and I’ve had a few minutes to think about it, it seems an obvious and good thing for Apple to do,” sentiment.

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