January 9, 2008

Fantasy Band

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Following Eric and Beth, I couldn’t resist this one.

Here are the steps:

I give you, “Do it for me” by Hierocles of Alexandria:


A fine inspiration for a band name. According to Wikipedia, “He seems to have been banished from Alexandria and to have taken up his abode in Constantinople* where he gave such offence by his religious opinions that he was thrown into prison and cruelly flogged.”

Photo credit: Ryan Dickey
(I’ll say that if you wanted album art, you could do much worse than what meesterdickey has in his photostream.)

*not Istanbul.


February 14, 2007

Watered Bottle

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This dates from 2005, but I just noticed it, so I’m telling you about it now.

There is a new brand of water in the Netherlands. Sold as an empty bottle, it requires the buyer to fill up from his own tap.

Neau is being sold in the form of a firm, clear blue plastic (PET) bottle of 33 centiliters at the price of regular mineral water, € 1.80 (US$ 2.23). However, the bottle is empty. Instead of water it contains a rolled-up Neau flyer, a message in a bottle that explains Neau’s position. By not selling water itself, but by branding the water that people are filling the bottles with, Neau is a product and a campaign in one, Liauw explains. “When you drink a bottle of Neau,” he continues. “You indirectly provide a refugee camp in Sudan with seventeen liters of clean drinking water. Every draught for you is ten draughts for them. Drinking here is drinking there.”

Takes the “refill an empty bottle from the tap” thing a few steps further. I’ve never understood why someone would pay more for water than for, say, pop, but they do. I’ve bought bottled watter a few times, but it’s not for the water – it’s for the handy bottles.

Nine quarters is a little much for an empty bottle – but I’d buy a few of these. If I didn’t have to go to the Netherlands to do so. Can you even bring bottles on airplanes now?

(33 centiliters is 0.33 liters … just under 12 ounces)

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