What’s a Bean Quest?

There’s this movie, called “The Lord of the Beans.” It’s a Veggie Tales movie (which, if you haven’t seen them, and you have anything approaching a goofy sense of humor, you must try one out).

It’s a takeoff on “The Lord of the Rings.” Actually, the plots are totally unrelated. Todo BaggyPants inherits this magic bean from his uncle BillBoy, and that’s where the similarities end. It’s a wish-granting kind of a bean (not a beanstalk-growing kind of a bean) and Todo (rhymes with Frodo, ha ha) sets out to figure out what he’s supposed to use this bean for.

Sure, he could use it to wish himself money or toys or a decent nickname, but he wants to use it for something more important. He wants to know what he’s *meant* to use it for.

I’m trying to figure that out for myself. Only, I’m not sure what my bean is, much less how exactly I’m supposed to use it.

There are a few candidates for “The One Bean” for me. Keeping record of how I try to use them, and how it turns out when I do, will help me stay on track to figuring it out.

Enough “coincidences” have happened in my life over the past year – and they’re starting to come to a head in the past two months – that I am absolutely convinced that this is the time, and this is the search.

I know I will find an answer. And I have an inkling that it will be soon.

You’re welcome to tag along and see how it goes. If I seem to be missing something obvious to you, I hope you’ll point it out. I have a history of missing obvious things.

Oh – I’m a 33-year old guy in Ohio with a wonderful wife of 10 years, two sons ages 3 and 6, and two dogs (ages 7 and 10).

When I post during the week, it’ll be in the morning or the evening. Much as I’d like to be here, don’t expect to see me here during the weekdays.

You can e-mail me at beanquest at, if you like.


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