January 31, 2008

Messier than Mine

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This car was almost completely full of garbage. There was – literally – a pocket carved out for the driver and that’s all.

Impressive collection in there.

Messier than Mine 2

Messier than Mine 1


January 9, 2008

Fantasy Band

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Following Eric and Beth, I couldn’t resist this one.

Here are the steps:

I give you, “Do it for me” by Hierocles of Alexandria:


A fine inspiration for a band name. According to Wikipedia, “He seems to have been banished from Alexandria and to have taken up his abode in Constantinople* where he gave such offence by his religious opinions that he was thrown into prison and cruelly flogged.”

Photo credit: Ryan Dickey
(I’ll say that if you wanted album art, you could do much worse than what meesterdickey has in his photostream.)

*not Istanbul.

January 1, 2008

Britta’s Collision – the Aftermath

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As promised threatened, a photo of the results of Britta’s glancing impact with our sliding glass door.

To get a good shot of the gunk, I put a sheet of white posterboard on the deck behind the window. I also took advantage of Fireworks’ “contrast” slider, which helped quite a bit in bringing out the snot, but may have done considerable damage to any sense of what you’re looking at.

Where you see white, imagine the floor of a wooden deck.

As I mentioned in the last post, she was fine. Completely uninjured. Didn’t even stop to shake herself off.

Britta’s Nose Splatter

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