December 11, 2007

Never Eat Shredded Wheat – a public service announcement.

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Recent search leading here (and only one of several on the same topic): “HOW TO KNOW THE DIRECTION LIKE EAST,WES”. Wes doesn’t live here, but I’ll help you out with my favorite mnemonic:

Never Eat Shredded Wheat.

Start with North (you’ll just have to remember that “north” is “up” – I can’t do it all for you) and go clockwise. North, East, South, West. Magic.

You may prefer “Never Eat Soggy Wheaties,” if you have a thing for shredded wheat. Though, I suspect that if you’re the kind of person who has a thing for shredded wheat, you may not be the kind who needs this advice.
Call me presumptuous.

Also – Google informs me that the Maryland public schools use the “soggy wheaties” version in the third week of September for third graders.

In a nod to the potential benefits of shredded wheat, they use “We Eat Shredded Wheat” the week before to remember that Earth rotates West to East. I won’t point out that using a word that starts with a ‘W’ both before and after the ‘E’ may not be the best of all choices, here.


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  1. I am glad I found your site on bebo. Thanks for the sensible critique. Me and my sister were just preparing to do some research about this. I am very happy to see such trusted info being shared freely out there.
    Best wishes,
    Braith from Garland city

    Comment by Francesco — February 24, 2010 @ 2:24 am

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