November 21, 2007

Spam Lacks Punctuation; Purpose Unclear to Recipient

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This is the best subject line I’ve yet received in the new Spam-enabled e-mail client we have at work (apart from the Dr. Seussian ones that use “bigger” as a verb – those are tough to beat):

Subject: Milk Car Circle Pants Bathroom Coffee-shop Gloves

It’s clear they forgot to punctuate. Let me help:

Milk Car: A car that emits no simple carbon compounds, but only milk. This trumps Honda’s new fuel cell car, which is said to emit only water. Especially for families with young children who travel near breakfast time. No word on where the cereal is supposed to come from.

Circle Pants: How do you put them on?

Here’s where I get confused. Three terms remain – how are they grouped?

“Bathroom Coffee-shop”? No, thanks.

Coffee-shop Gloves? Better. Do those replace the little cardboard rings that Caribou puts around the paper cups? Are they disposable, or do you return them for re-use when you’re finished? Will they tell me how much more eco-friendly they are than would be using a second cup?

After figuring out the subject, the body of the message was pretty disappointing. I don’t remember what it said.

November 20, 2007

More Washington, DC Photos at Flickr

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My little Flickr sidebar thing hasn’t seemed to notice them, so here’s a link.

We went to Washington, DC the week before Veterans’ Day. I have several hundred pictures, but only posted a few. If you’re interested.

In Washington DC, This Reminded Me of mis_nomer

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If you don’t know mis_nomer, she’s the one who wants to drive a little Coke van (look in the header image).

Well, in Washington, DC, there’s a little McDonald’s van, and it gets to drive on the sidewalk.

Little McDonald’s Van

edit: Sheesh. WordPress is so smart, it capitalizes names that have no capital letters in them. Sorry, m i s _ n o m e r.

November 10, 2007

I give myself a B

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The new hard drive’s in and working, and the OS is reinstalled & updated, but I broke the trackpad. Or didn’t reconnect it correctly. Or something. I’ll have to take it all apart again to see.

Still – that’s a B. I usually use a mouse anyhow.

Update: Grade revised to an A. The trackpad is fixed – I just didn’t line the plug up quite right. All’s well. 108.9Gig free. Very nice.

November 9, 2007

Wish me Luck

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Saturday, I’m going to replace the hard drive in my iBook. Going from 30Gig (with 200Meg free) to 120Gig. (Here’s where I resist talking about how my first Mac had *no* hard drive, and 0.0004Gig floppies were fine for everything).

I understand it’s an involved process.

Wish me luck.

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