September 28, 2007

We Dine Well, Here in Camelot

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Spamalot is coming to Columbus in November!

September 14, 2007

iPod Touch’s iCal is read-only

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Edit :This is fixed. You can now add events to iCal on the Touch! There goes my excuse not to buy … Steve’s calling my bluff… Original post follows:

That sucks. That’s what my current iPod does. The one with the black & white screen & no video. The really old one.

Everything else about the Touch (except its name, come to think of it) sounds great, but if I can’t add events, then it can’t take the place of my aging Palm. And I’m not going to carry *another* gadget around with me. Even if it’s pretty and skinny and has built-in WiFi.

I had myself all convinced it was worth the price until this.

Oh, well. I think I’ll survive.

September 12, 2007

Why North-South is OK, but East-West is Problematic

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Ever since leaving Chicago, I have a hard time telling east from west. Anyone who’s lived near a Great Lake can sense where the lake is when they’re within, say, 50 miles, and they know in what direction it lies. (When I lived in northern PA for a summer, I could sense where Lake Erie was, and was constantly 90 degrees off in my sense of direction. Lake Erie is north of PA, Lake Michigan is east of IL.)

In the middle of Ohio, all we have is north-south rivers. I am grateful that they’re at least uniform that way, but I have no trouble telling north from south. East from west, I have to think about.

To do it here in Ohio, I have to picture which direction the Atlantic ocean is, and then I know east. When I go home from work, for example, I’m heading toward the ocean, but I stop 500 miles short.

Why do I need a body of water to tell east from west, but I just know north from south?

I think I know.

We process written information and pictures mainly left-to-right. So the default “directionality” of things is left-to-right. But the way people talk about things on maps is “east-west,” as in, “that road goes east-west.” Nobody (that I know) says “west-east.” (Maybe because the US was settled east to west? Is this an American thing?)

Anyhow, it’s one direction for maps, another for everything else. This is why up & down is no problem, but if I have to go sideways, I’m likely as not to go the wrong way sideways.

I know you were curious. Now you know.

Hobbit Finished

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Only took two weeks to read the last 100 pages. Too much going on! I want to keep going with the other three books, but at this pace I’ll just annoy myself.

(If you haven’t read The Hobbit, and plan to, don’t read any mroe of this post. There’s a spoiler coming.)

But wow – quite a lot happens in that last 100 pages. The last 20 even. I’d forgotten how Thorin’s desire for the gold threatened so much trouble, and how the trouble they all got was different from what they’d expected.

A quick quote, from when Bilbo warns of the coming of Dain and his army:

“…when they arrive there may be serious trouble.”

“Why do you tell us this? Are you betraying your friends, or are you threatening us?” asked Bard grimly.

“My dear Bard!” squeaked Bilbo. “Don’t be so hasty! I never met such suspicious folk! I am merely trying to avoid trouble for all concerned. …”

Lately, I know what he’s talking about.

In two months, my term as HOA trustee expires, and I will not seek reelection. Tomorrow, I will resign as President, so that a person whose term runs beyond the annual meeting can run that meeting.

Time for someone else to give it a try. I wish we had more hobbits. We are awash in men and dwarves.

September 4, 2007

Baby Squirrel!

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In a glass.

September 2, 2007

Back to jogging…

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Thirty minutes, just under three miles. But it’s the first time I’ve been out in a while, so I’m pretty happy with it. Oh, and no ITB problems, either, which is the bigger thing. That’s what stopped my running a long time ago.

Every time I’d try again, it would flare up within the first mile or two, so I’d stopped for quite a while.

Here’s hoping this is a sign of things to come. I feel so much better when I run.

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