June 10, 2007

Skip this post if bragging parents are not your thing

Filed under: fatherhood — Brian @ 8:03 pm

…to borrow a perfectly appropriate title from Jim

My younger son, who turned four this past winter, decided he wanted the training wheels off his bike on Friday. He’d been riding quite a bit with them on this spring, and I convinced him he could go faster with them off. So, Friday after work, off they came and we practiced for maybe 20 minutes that night.

Saturday, we practiced all day. It was only two or three laps around the court before he could go a good ways without my holding the seat, and another 20 minutes or so before I’d let him get far ahead of me. He fell a few times, but every time got right back up on the bike to try some more. Every time.

After lunch, I was following him on my bike.

Today, that’s all we did – he rides, I follow. According to the little “computer” on my bike, we’ve gone about seven miles together this weekend, up and down the driveway, and a bit around the neighborhood.

He learned to ride a two-wheeler in one day. With very little help.


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  1. Very well done on his part :).

    Comment by Rachel — June 11, 2007 @ 12:22 am

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