December 26, 2006

Bury not the Coffee Can

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…when rain is in your future…

I’m impatient, and this whole mole-catching thing is not a scientific research project. I’m OK with trying several methods at once, and don’t really care which one works, so long as one (or more!) of them does.

The University of Florida suggests burying a coffee can in your yard as a way to catch a mole. See, you dig a hole across a mole path, and put a coffee can in it such that the top of the can is level with the bottom of the tunnel. When the mole comes along, he falls into the can. And, presumably, raises a white flag to let you know you’ve won. They don’t mention the flag part, but it seems as likely to happen as the first part.

I buried a paint can. Couldn’t find a coffee can. It still had paint in it, which I thought would either smell enough that the mole would avoid it, or would hasten its demise, should it fail to heed the olfactorical warning. I was sure I couldn’t clean it well enough to not stink, and like I said, this is not science, here.

A significant portion of my backyard is squishy with mole paths – it is getting dangerous to walk around out there – so I’ll try whatever seems even remotely likely to work. Like a buried paint can.

I buried it on Christmas Eve, and checked it just today. It rained a little yesterday. Our “soil” is mostly clay. So, yes, you’ve guessed it. The hole with the paint can was a swimming pool. Not a mole swimming pool, of course. That would be too much to hope for. Just a hole full of water.

So, I pulled the can out and refilled the hole. Splash, splash. Mud, mud. It’s cold out there.

On the upside, I brewed some beer this morning. India Pale Ale. Should be ready for bottling a week from Sunday.
beer hose


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