November 28, 2006

Cycling Harder

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I’ve been off my bicycle for a while, here. Not for any good reason. I just haven’t been making the time. There’s a route I like to take on a “multi-use trail” along the Olentangy River. It goes all the way past the OSU campus to downtown Columbus. It’s all paved. Nice and smooth and fast. My normal route there is between 15 and 20 miles.

Well, I’m on vacation from work this week, so I have a little more time during daylight to explore some more. I found a different kind of bike trail this time. It’s a mountain bike trail through the woods near a reservoir. It’s fairly new, but it’s nothing like the other trail. The scenery is beautiful, but you can’t really look at it while riding.

This one is not paved. The only concession to be found is a few narrow 2×4 bridges over some of the deeper ravines. No railings on these, and the bridges are no more than two feet wide. Most of the trail, come to think of it, is less than two feet wide, and it’s only discernable by the flattened leaves from previous riders. Some sections are more like six inches wide, and some are along some pretty steep embankments. Fall to the right, and you’re OK. Fall to the left, and you’re going to be falling for a long time, and quite wet at the bottom.

It’s a six mile trail and it’s rated – like ski trails – with a blue square “more difficult” (harder than the “easy” green circle and easier than the “most difficult” black diamond).

It took me an hour to ride the whole trail. And I did ride the whole thing, except for two short and steep and rough uphill sections where I didn’t have the momentum to make it to the top.

I was prepared to fall, but managed not to. There are numbered trail markers along the route and a sign telling you that if you fall and can’t get out to call 911 and tell them the number of the last marker you saw. They even have the emergency access routes marked on the map so you can plan your disaster ahead of time.

Had it been a seven mile trail, I would almost certainly have taken a dive in the last mile – I was getting a little clumsy near the end from fatigue.

Tonight, I am sore – that really good kind of sore – along my sides and the backs of my legs. I will be back to this trail. What a good time!

November 16, 2006

Children’s toys and Expensive Computers

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…or maybe “expensive computer professionals.”

This story (via Daring Fireball (Mac geekery, etc)), may remind you of similar “we know what’s best” situations where restrictions from on high are subverted from down low.

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