July 5, 2006

So Brian Goes To Chicago… (the Perl version)

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And when he gets back, can’t remember the password for his blog.

But I have it now!

I was away last week, in Chicago for YAPC::NA 2006. (That’s “Yet Another Perl Conference – North America”). Perl is, in many ways, the language that powers the Internet, and if you don’t believe me, you might want to keep that to yourself. (Kidding.)

Anyhow, it was three days of random short classes, followed by two days of one focused long class, taught by Randal Schwartz; author and hard-working, well-known member of the Perl community. I got a lot out of Randal’s class, in particular, and quite a bit out of a few of the other classes, too.

One was a talk on testing websites, given by one of the guys who does such things for Yahoo, and who has written and published code to make it very easy. His code and approach will do me some good, I think.

Another talk was given by Mark Jason Dominus, author of the intimidatingly-titled book, “Higher Order Perl.” I’ve started reading that book a couple of times, but quickly felt in over my head. After his talk, though, it really sounds pretty simple. (In the sense that “E=mc2” is simple … once someone much smarter has figured it out and found a way to explain it in short words.) I will be diving into that book again, here, soon.

Anyhow – I could have posted during the week from the conference, but we only had wireless access, and a conference of hackers is not the best place to be sending out plaintext passwords, so I made a point of not doing that. (And I mean “hackers” in the most affectionate sense – I’m sure nobody’d have done anything awful, but I wasn’t itching to be an object lesson, either).


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