July 5, 2006

So Brian Goes to Chicago… (the Art version)

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I of course took an afternoon away to visit the Art Institute and Millenium Park (which I hadn’t seen in person before). The Art Institute has a travelling exhibition of drawings, which was awfully inspiring to look at. They have a couple sketches by Matisse and Monet – guys I associate with painting. And the best part was – their sketches weren’t all that good! Just like mine!

And I took a fun stroll through the “modern ‘art'” wing. (both sets of quotes are critical, there, I believe). I laugh (mostly to myself, but an occasional chuckle escapes my throat) at the stuff they’ll put in there. Two favorites:

1 – A strand of white christmas lights. Plugged in. In a heap on the floor. I have a picture of this one, and of the explanitory plaque on the wall. I will post.

2 – About 20 pounds of colorfully wrapped hard candies piled in the corner. There was a class there looking at this, with an enthusiastic young woman explaining it to everyone. “It’s like how when you’re on the subway and you don’t want to touch anyone because you think they all might have some strage subway disease and you don’t want to get it on you.” (I agree that you don’t want to go grabbing people on the L, but that’s not the reason that leaps to my mind.) She went on to imply that you were permitted to eat the candies, while further implying that should you do so, you were to reflect on the nature of cleanliness and strangers. Or something. Pile of candy in the corner.

#1 I laughed out loud at.

#2 I kept it in. I was outnumbered.

(Disclaimer; I have a Bachelors in Fine Arts. I make fun of this stuff in full knowledge of what it’s “supposed” to mean.)

I later had a chance to enjoy a $5 mint chocolate chip ice cream cone in the shadow of the Great Silver Bean. There is nothing quite like a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone, eaten outdoors. Even if it’s $5. And even if there’s an enormous silver bean looming over you.

I have a few photos, but not as many as I recall taking, so we’ll see what I have and I’ll post a few.



  1. You saw The Bean! Yay!

    I’m with you on laughing at “modern ‘art.'” It’s not all laughable, and there is a place for it, but so much of it is downright disgusting. The piles of candy on the floor and accompanying “strange subway diseases” reminds me of a display of 10 or so 5-gallon jugs (at the SF MOMA), each filled with a different body fluid…5 gallons of “mucous” is simply not art imho…gak! I was so disgusted that I can’t remember what this “work” was supposed to portray.

    Comment by Gwynne — July 6, 2006 @ 11:07 pm

  2. Thankfully I missed any exhibits of bodily fluids that may have been around. Nothing disgusting, just a bit of the absurd. Some well delivered (one of the Ceci n’est pas une pipes, for example) and others not.

    Comment by Brian — July 7, 2006 @ 7:12 pm

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