June 11, 2006

Coffee will Turn On You

Filed under: productivity — Brian @ 12:01 pm

Well, I’m no less tired than I was, and now I have an annoying sore throat and cough! Turns out the caffeine has been keeping me healthy all this time. I turn my back on it, and look what happens!

Or perhaps the two are unrelated, and I’m tired now because I’m sick.


Right now, with the sore throat, hot black coffee doesn’t sound the least bit appealing. I’m going to take a nap.



  1. Blame it on the coffee and drink some of it for good old medicine.

    (Or then again, carry on and learn to be disciplined)
    –RC of

    Comment by RC of strangeculture — June 15, 2006 @ 6:31 pm

  2. You know, RC – it’s not at all the challenge I thought it would be. It’s almost a let-down that it’s not taking more effort.

    But I still can’t tell if it’s having any effect. I’m tired, but I’m sick. Would I be *more* tired if I hadn’t stopped with the coffee? Who knows.

    I think I’ll be recovered tomorrow. So, next week’ll start to tell if this is at all worthwhile.

    Comment by Brian — June 15, 2006 @ 7:18 pm

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