April 23, 2006

Austrumi. Gesundheit.

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Or, Resetting Your Windows Administrator Account Password.

The Austrumi Linux Boot CD works. At least on my XP machine – I haven’t tried Dave’s. Yet.

These steps, wherein you use only the XP install CD, do not work. At least not on Dave’s computer. Maybe it’s because the XP CD has the original XP on it, and not with all the service packs that are on the hard drive by now.

Everything seemed fine until I got to the Users and Groups control panel, and checked the “remove the password” checkbox. After this point, the system just sat there.

It told me it would be done in 34 minutes. An hour later, it said it’d be done in 34 minutes. The next day, after the power had gone out and Dave’s dad rebooted, it said it would take 39 minutes. I think it got down to 35 minutes, but never lower. This was after I’d returned home.

Another friend gave it a shot today and was able to use other tools to see the disk and get a few things off it. I’m hoping the Astrumi CD does the trick the next time I go out there.

I should have known to go that way up front…


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