April 10, 2006

Soccer Updates

Filed under: kidwork, soccer — Brian @ 7:30 pm

Crazy week with the soccer, here. I mentioned that I missed the first game on Saturday for a work conflict. That game was an interesting one … we all learned that there are no referees.

The coaches are to ref the games. The paperwork I got said that the coaches would “help” ref the games – which I (and the assistant coach) took to mean, “explain the calls to the kids, and help them remember the rules.” Yeah, not so much. We’re all supposed to know what version of the simplified rules to play by. And the opposing coaches are supposed to take the same lenient approach in calling only the most egregious fouls on each other’s teams. All that talk about “be nice to the refs” at the coaches’ meeting at the beginning of the season? Yeah – that’s for the older kids.

So, it was a very busy hour for our assistant coach – refereeing the game and subbing kids in and out from the sidelines. We talked it over at practice tonight, and have a plan for tomorrow’s game (it’s our only weekday game). The assistant coach is absolutely wonderful. I am so thankful to have him helping.

We’re really starting to get some traction in practice. Probably helps that the weather was nice, but also having one game under our belts helps focus the practice on areas that need work.

And the kids wanted to know what our team name is. We don’t have a name – we just have a number. Apparently, we’re supposed to make up a name. So we took a poll for suggestions and voted. We’re the White Seahawks. From Ohio. We play soccer.

So, practice tonight, game tomorrow, game saturday.


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