March 16, 2006

The Season Begins

Filed under: beanquest, soccer — Brian @ 8:54 pm

One of my possibilities, if you recall, is working with kids. It’s a pretty nebulous one, but I keep coming back to it. Usually I think “high school teacher,” but I’m pretty sure the non-classroom parts of that job would make me nuts.

So, when my son got rejected for the local soccer league because there weren’t enough volunteer coaches, I volunteered.

The coaches’ meeting was this past weekend. I got a mesh bag of three size three soccer balls, four small traffic cones, eight shorter cone-ish things, and a first aid kit. And a box of uniforms and a coach’s shirt. No whistle, but I’ve already got one of those. Most of the meeting was to sell you training programs, but I did find buried in the materials the objectives for the age group: dribbling, trapping, throw-ins, and the major rules of the game. We do have goalkeepers, and the boys and girls are separated.

I also got my team roster – twelve boys including my own, aged five to six. We know a couple of them from school, and as I was calling all the parents tonight to give them the practice schedule, I learned that another is the son of a co-worker of mine with whom I’ve been working rather closely lately. And one my wife used to work with, too – it’ll be fun to see her in that context.

All of the parents were friendly, and three explicitly offered their help, if I should need it.

I am very excited about this! It’ll be fun to meet all the boys, and a good challenge for me to keep them interested and attentive enough to get something out of the practices and games.

Eight game season. First games are the weekend of April 8.


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