February 15, 2006

Painting Christmas, and David and Goliath

Filed under: drawing, reference — Brian @ 7:44 pm

I found Dennis Jones today, from over at Drawn!.

He paints in gouache – a kind of opaque watercolor that I haven’t used, but would like to try. AFTER I finish the watercolor class and get some of that under my belt. One (or so) thing at a time!

He’s illustrated the story of Christmas, and of David and Goliath, completely in pictures. No words or anything like them. And lots of other stuff in a similar (and fun) visual style. I like the look of his stuff, and that he’s not tied to one genre.

And he seems to be one who won’t drop a “nude figure study” out of nowhere, so one I can comfortably visit from work. (Sorry, guys..)

Gouache: I say, “GOO aaash”, my wife says, “GWASH” – she’s probably right, but mine’s more funner to say. One of the drawbacks of learning from books is that you don’t get to hear the words, so you make up your own pronounciation and look like a dork at the store if you’re not careful. Or if that’s your goal…



  1. Your wife is probably right? Amigo, wake up and smell the gwash.

    According to my East Coast Big Time Artist Client, it’s “gwash.” But, you already knew that. Your wife told you. ;-)

    Comment by Eric — February 16, 2006 @ 11:03 pm

  2. Sometimes the “right” way has to take a back seat to the “more funner” way.


    As a general rule, that pretty well sucks, now that I read it.

    muttering ‘gwash, gwash, gwash…’ to self…

    Comment by Brian — February 17, 2006 @ 6:33 am

  3. Eric-
    If you are ever in the neighborhood you drop on by. You are very welcome in our home!!

    Comment by Beanquestor's Bride — February 17, 2006 @ 9:08 pm

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