February 4, 2006

This is going well

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What I’ve learned so far:

  • Writing about this stuff is helpful. It keeps it foreward in my mind, and keeps me alert for new discoveries.
  • Writing online, and getting even a little feedback from visitors, is more engaging than just writing in a paper journal.
  • I still use the paper journal as before, and plan to continue with it. The blog is a great addition, but by no means a replacement – each has a different value to me.
  • Getting comments (thanks for the plug, Eric) gives me a feeling that I’m being watched. In the sense that if I don’t stick with it, somebody will start making chicken noises. (I wasn’t sure if I wanted to enable comments in the first place. So far, I’m glad I did)
  • There is no such thing as a “coincidence.” Being alert for patterns is self-reinforcing.
  • I don’t know much about how God does His thing, but it’s clear to me that He’s doing something.

My pastor wrote this in last sunday’s bulletin:

To live in the style and spirit of Jesus Christ is good medecine. Even if there were no resurrection His way is, so often, far, far better.

Trying to follow that way feels right.

I am a kinder person, a more grateful person, and a more humble person when I pay attention. I am open to more possibilities, more apt to see good intentions where I might instead see only incompetence or belligerence – neither of which may even really be there.

Seeing that in other people lets me honestly see it in myself. A mistake can be a chance to improve. An incomplete understanding may be just the understanding I need now.

I am content to have unanswered questions. They’re an incentive to keep looking.


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